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Norman Granz

Lee-way / Lee Morgan


Kind of Blue / Miles Davis

Gravy Train / Lou Donaldson

Alligator Bogaloo / Lou Donaldson
【 SELL & BUY 】 Bring us your LPs!
At LA, you can trade in your old LPs and get cash. Our expert buyers can appraise jazz, classic of music. Bring in any amount or combination of genres or formats and we’ll explain how much everything is worth, and pay you the right price. Our prices are based on the artist, title, popularity, condition, and how much we already have in stock of each item you bring in to sell.

If you have a large collection, send the e-mail to , and we can arrange to you!! If you live outside the LA, call and ask a buyer if we might be able to travel your way to view your collection. We have purchased collections from all over the country. We also buy inventories and estate collections.

Some titles are extremely common and not sought after and are therefore not worth too much to us. Other titles will always sell or are currently very popular. We are happy to pay good prices for those.

Condition is extremely important in terms of the value of an item. A "collectible" title will only have significant value in mint or near mint condition.

LPs : We only buy LPs that are in good playing condition. Our buyers can look at records and have a very good idea of how they're going to play. The condition of the cover counts too!

Tapes : We can tell from looking at a tape how used and/or abused it is. Good condition is essential for the resaleability of any tape.

● Saito Ken
● 1131 Alta Loma Rd. #132 West Hollywood, CA 90069 U.S.A
● TEL : (310) 652-2585
● FAX : (310) 657-9178
● E-mail :
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